Every taxation situation is unique

Your taxation situation is a unique financial puzzle comprised of many interrelated personal and business-related pieces. Gathering them together provides a starting point from which to assemble these pieces into a cohesive whole.

At Zeifmans, tax planning comes together in one seamless event. Your dedicated team handles every aspect of your personal and business taxes, realizing the efficiencies of integration to deliver significant tax savings.

We work with some of Canada’s most successful entrepreneurs and most dynamic companies. Many of our engagements began when these businesses were just starting up, and thanks to the tax planning, business advice and wealth management services we continue to deliver, they have chosen to remain with us as they grow.

Our team delivers tailor made solutions, helping you to:

Successfully navigate standard tax functions including compliance, filing, dealing with CRA, GST/HST and other routine tasks.

Make informed decisions on tax related transactions such as selling or buying a business, restructuring your organization, and estate planning.

Implement tax strategies to aid in sale-of-business, generating capital gains, and solving international and cross-border tax issues.

Gain tax dispute resolution support via our experienced team.

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