Empowering Your Growth Journey in the Cannabis and Psychedelic space

Making history requires vision and courage. It’s helpful to remember that emerging industries we today accept as “mainstream” were once outliers too. It’s also helpful to have a team of professionals in your corner supporting your financial growth, especially in the early stages when the mainstream hasn’t yet caught on.

The Zeifmans team has been involved in emerging industries like cannabis and psychedelics since their nascence, and as such we are uniquely equipped to position entrepreneurial business ventures for ongoing success in brand new markets. We go beyond the traditional accounting services to provide strategic business guidance, ensuring that your company avails itself of every possible advantage.

Our results-oriented, actionable insight will enable you to:

  • Control costs while you scale to meet the needs of your growing company.
  • Attain and maintain compliance with all relevant regulatory, financial and taxation regulations.
  • Access capital markets by strategically positioning the business for growth.

Regardless of your current stage in the business life cycle, Zeifmans is equipped to support your business from day one through to your IPO and beyond. Our team can offer a wide range of services to clients within the Greater Toronto Area, and throughout the world via our extended Nexia network.

For the last 60+ years, we’ve built our business based on the relationships we form 1:1.

For more information about emerging industries: cannabis and psychedelics, please contact us using the form below.