The Building Blocks of Succession Planning

As businesses evolve, addressing fundamental questions becomes paramount. What lies ahead? What are our priorities? How do we maintain value for employees and customers? It’s crucial for leaders to embrace innovation and avoid relying solely on past practices. Our approach to recovery and future leadership emphasizes striking a balance between traditional methods and forward-thinking strategies.

In a landscape where mid-sized businesses are proving their resilience and exploring new growth avenues, Zeifmans’ seasoned advisors stand ready to assist. With over 60 years of experience, we’ve helped countless companies navigate change, tackle challenges, and capitalize on emerging opportunities.


As a professional services firm, we combine business and financial expertise to give you comprehensive advice. We support entrepreneurs, family-owned businesses and mid-sized corporations in a number of ways:

Business Planning and Compliance

Through our advisory and strategic development, we’ll help you separate meeting trends from long-term opportunities. Whether you have a new idea or want to grow by expansion, Zeifmans is here to help guide you into the future. We can help you with:

  • Establishing a foundation for growth by setting up corporate structures that work best for your business
  • Encouraging financial growth. We’ll help your business leverage tax credits and government incentive programs such as SR&ED.
  • Mergers and acquisition support. We’ll help your company through the process of a successful buying and selling process.
  • Preparing for the future. Your Zeifmans advisor will guide your business into the next era of growth and success.

Family Business Planning

Many family enterprises are updating their governance structures or introducing the next generation to the responsibilities of leadership, embracing innovation as they seek to overcome recent struggles. We understand that many mid-sized businesses are also family-owned and require special considerations as they balance the interests of family, staff and clients. Whether you need a business transformation strategy or a family CFO, Zeifmans has you covered through:

  • Helping navigate complicated relationships to ensure your company has a bright future.
  • Facilitating customized financial strategies and tax solutions that work best for you and your business.
  • Succession planning support.We’ll help your business to thrive for generations to come. Zeifmans also aids businesses in exit plan strategies.

Personal Planning

The recent influx of government subsidies and stimulus programs is set to make tax planning challenging for many. As a business owner, your personal finances are tightly interwoven with your business. Having an accountant who is able to provide both corporate and personal tax planning services ensures the best interests are met on both fronts. Our experts will help with:

  • Tax planning support to help maximize savings.
  • Navigating cross-border expansion, ensuring your company is able to grow.
  • Estates and trust planning, as well as wealth management.

Feel confident that your business’s future is in good hands as our advisors explain your estate planning options, establish solutions to protect your assets long-term and create retirement plans that work best for your company.

Common Questions

Uncertainty and constant changes have been a constant for business owners in the last few years. Our Zeifmans’ experts answer some of your difficult questions in under a minute.

Helpful Resources for Owner Managed Businesses

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