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Our experienced team at Zeifmans supports businesses in a variety of spheres. From auditing and accounting advice to personal and corporate tax guidance, business advisory services, valuation support, and more, Zeifmans helps companies thrive through their entire life cycles in the following industries:


Distribution companies are dealing with an ever-changing industry where businesses need to constantly evolve and adapt to new technologies. Our advisors help prepare your business for upcoming challenges and growth opportunities through risk mitigation, M&A support, tax planning strategies and more.

Emerging Industries

Clearing the path forward as you carve a new niche Making history requires vision and courage. It’s helpful to remember that emerging industries we today accept as “mainstream” were once outliers too. At one point, cars seemed crazy and the internet insane! It’s also helpful to have a team of professionals in your corner supporting your financial growth, especially in the early stages when […]

  • Cannabis

    Emerging Industries


    As an early trailblazer, Canada is in a unique position in the Cannabis industry. We’ll help startups navigate regulatory and compliance issues and plan for future growth.

  • Plant Protein

    Emerging Industries

    Plant Protein

    As one of the fastest growing emerging markets, the agritech, pulse, and plant protein industry understands that consumers are being more health-conscious than ever. Our team helps plant protein startups navigate the ins and outs of an ever-changing sector.

  • Psychedelics

    Emerging Industries


    Groundbreaking new research and shifting public opinion has created the perfect space for the psychedelics industry. With experience in both cannabis and psychedelics businesses, our team will guide your emerging business through regulatory changes and other considerations.

Entertainers and Athletes

From contract negotiations to IP valuations, artists, entertainers, and athletes face unique challenges. Our team of experts guides a wide variety of artists and entertainers through audit and tax considerations, risk management evaluations, wealth management advice and more.

Financial Services

As the economic landscape continues to change, financial services institutions need to keep up with new regulations, competition, and technological advancements. Zeifmans will help guide your organization through compliance support, best-practice procedures, annual audits and more.

Healthcare Professionals and their Businesses

Healthcare has seen a staggering amount of unprecedented challenges in recent history. Zeifmans’ team has experience helping healthcare professionals provide quality care while mitigating increasing costs. We work with:

  • Dentists

    Healthcare Professionals and their Businesses


    Zeifmans provides dental professionals with personalized, one-on-one services. We’ll help you identify room for growth while guiding you through tax preparation and all levels of corporate finance.

  • Pharmacists

    Healthcare Professionals and their Businesses


    With a combined market size of $47 billion, Canada’s pharmacy and drugstore industry is worth investing in. Zeifmans helps pharmacists with succession planning, M&As, tax management, and more.

  • Physicians

    Healthcare Professionals and their Businesses


    Zeifmans works with physicians in all stages of their careers. Whether you’re starting your first practice, expanding, or preparing for succession, our team will guide you through the auditing process, assurance services, tax preparation, and more.

  • Veterinarians

    Healthcare Professionals and their Businesses


    While veterinarians are enjoying a booming market, they’re also dealing with record-high burnout and increased employee turnover. Zeifmans helps professionals automate and streamline their business processes to avoid burnout and ensure long-term growth.

High Net–Worth Individuals

Your wealth is the direct result of a lifetime of hard work and commitment – which is why Zeifmans works with high net–worth earners to keep your finances safe. We help investors, owner-operators, and entrepreneurs protect their assets, develop custom tax and estate planning solutions, and more.


As transportation costs increase, the dollar becomes weaker, and inflation continues to rise, the manufacturing industry is forced to navigate an ever-changing landscape. Our team offers tax guidance and financial advice to a range of manufacturers, including food and beverage, pharmaceutical and medical devices, and chemical and process manufacturers.

Not-for-Profit and Charity

Without careful financial stewardship, risk management support and internal control management, charities and not-for-profits struggle to achieve financial stability while making a difference in society. Zeifmans helps these organizations provide a better future while still remaining financially accountable to donors. Learn more here.

Real Estate

The real estate market is difficult to predict and challenging to navigate. Whether you’re a builder, developer, or manager, Zeifmans provides stable support to ensure proper compliance and cash flow planning. Our one-on-one services allow both new players and established experts to achieve long-term growth.


Retail businesses are facing a time of incredible technological growth. In order to survive, companies must evolve. Zeifmans helps mid-market and multinational brands maximize profitability while keeping up with industry changes and demands. Find out how here.

Technology and Startups

Following the tech and startups industry is like trying to keep up with a rollercoaster. As an entrepreneur, you understand how fast-paced the tech sphere can be. Our team of experienced professionals helps businesses thrive at every stage of growth through tailored advice and financial guidance.