Tailored Solutions for Sports and Entertainment Professionals

The business needs of artists, entertainers and athletes are very different from any of the other industries we serve. Intellectual property—the heart of any entertainment enterprise—needs to be accurately valued. Dynamic payroll and finance requirements must be met and accurately managed. Contracts need to be negotiated and benchmarks monitored so that compensation is accurately received.

Zeifmans has an extensive entertainment industry practice, specifically with entertainers and athletes,  that provides services to a variety of client types. These include recording and performing artists, producers, writers, composers and directors as well as theatre and film performers, professional athletes, professional sports teams and models. Our experience includes digital media, motion picture, television, and music production companies.

In addition to audit and tax services, we also help our clients to:

  • Access tax incentives and credits that have been established to attract production and distribution companies.
  • Analyze insurance and risk management factors to evaluate needs and identify cost-saving measures.
  • Provide wealth management solutions that protect your assets and investments while allowing you to achieve philanthropic goals.
  • Plan for your financial future by producing trust, estate, and succession planning strategies.

Our team has decades of experience working with high net worth individuals, and our focus on privacy and discretion is valued by our extensive clientele. Our affiliation with Nexia International enables our clients to seamlessly diversify investments abroad, and identify global opportunities through our network of global contacts. To learn more about our services, contact the Zeifmans offices today.

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