Wealth Management and Estate Planning

Preserving wealth through sustainable solutions

Wealth management, wealth creation and money management strategies built at Zeifmans are rooted in our long history, entrepreneurial culture, and client knowledge. Every strategy begins with a good deal of discovery. We gain an understanding your objectives, and seek to develop a thorough knowledge of your complete financial situation. Only then do we present options on how best to achieve your wealth creation goals.

Estate planning is a crucial part of safeguarding wealth, preserving it as it passes from one generation to the next. In every case this involves minimizing taxes, whether on the sale of a business or in transferring assets to the next generation.

To help you make the best decisions possible, we will detail all of the options open to you within the bounds of the current regulatory environment. Once fully apprised, you can make the choices that best suit your situation, your goals, and your tolerance for risk.

Our team can help you by:

Acting as your family CFO, providing insight and strategic planning.

Establishing succession and estate planning solutions that ensure your assets are protected for the long-term.

Crafting a retirement plan that meets your individual needs.

Managing day-to-day transactions, including cash flow, budgeting, and banking.

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