Technology & StartUps

Unprecedented business ventures need unparalleled advisory support

You’re a change-maker. An innovator. A disruptor of the status quo. Your industry is constantly changing, moving at a pace so fast you’ll need all your resources just to keep up.

Enter Zeifmans. Think of our Technology & Startups team as your personal trusted business advisor. And as a key member of your team, we want to see your company thrive at every stage of growth. We will work with you 1:1 to develop a tailored solution, giving advice to overcome any challenge you face and sticking with you to whatever transition comes next for your startup. At Zeifmans, we go beyond traditional accounting services to offer strategic financial guidance, ensuring that your team is taking advantage of every single opportunity available to you.

We offer actionable, results-oriented insight that will allow you to:

Establish a foundation for growth by choosing the right corporate structure, and electing the best leadership team.

Plan for the future by crafting a detailed startup business plan, understanding cash flow and stock options, and raising capital.

Remain compliant with the accounting, operational, tax, and financial reporting requirements within Canada and abroad.

Utilize incentives like Canada’s Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) filings.

Grow beyond your expectations by harnessing the power of our partners’ connections, expertise, and experience.

From day one of your startup, through to the day of your IPO and beyond, the Zeifmans team is equipped to offer a wide range of services to technology and startup businesses in Toronto and throughout the world.

We manage a number of the fastest growing companies in Canada, having nurtured their growth from a team of one or two, to global entities spanning multiple offices. But for us, it all begins with a relationship. Give us a call today to find out more about how Zeifmans’ “Ideas with Impact” can make a difference in your tech company or startup venture.


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