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Corporate tax planning objectives never change, but because the regulatory environment is in constant flux, your strategy will need adjusting. The tax savings that Zeifmans has achieved over the decades has led to a great number of satisfied corporate clients. So much so that we measure the length of many relationships in decades.

We have learned that in order to maximize tax savings, we need to be proactive in gaining an understanding of your family situation, including personal and corporate finances. These are the pieces that make up your unique financial puzzle which, when assembled, forms a solid starting point for tax strategies that maximize savings. Our innovative, practical solutions go beyond the conventional, helping you to reduce, defer or eliminate your corporate taxes.

Our expert team will help you by:

Offering the unparalleled expertise of our partners, who are always accessible to clients.

Advising how to leverage your personal finances to reduce or eliminate corporate taxes.

Implementing a cross-border strategy to enable sales growth in other regions.

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