Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Finance and Management

At Zeifmans, we are as much business consultants as we are accountants. This not only puts us in a strong position to advise on transactions, but also to create the strategies and provide the many levels of guidance that ought to surround those transactions.  Zeifman Partner, Jennifer Chasson, is President of Zeifmans’ Corporate Finance affiliate, Springbank Capital.  Most M&A transactions with which Zeifmans is involved are led by Jennifer and her Springbank Capital team.

Helping You Make the Right Decision

The primary objective of a business brokerage is to execute a transaction. Ours is to help you make the right decisions, and that starts with an understanding of your motivation.
When we consider clients’ reasons for buying or selling, the solution is rarely as cut and dried as the simple purchase or sale of a business. There are many factors to consider in contemplating either transaction, and dozens of alternatives to a sale: orchestrating a management buy-out to protect the interests of the family, for example. Or scaling down to achieve profitability, executing a partial sale, or bringing in new investors.

Selling a Business

Faced with challenges that appear to be insurmountable, business owners sometimes conclude that selling is the only solution. Our clients are often surprised to learn how many viable options there are. Even if you have a sale firmly in mind, we will help you to consider all the factors, weigh your options, and bring our business management expertise to bear, giving you the tools to discover what’s truly best for you, your family and your business. The best choice might well be selling, but it could also involve telling you something that you don’t necessarily want to hear.

Buying a Business

When you believe you have a great opportunity before you, we can provide critical insight. If you decide to move forward, we will propose an acquisition structure that is advantageous from both a financing and a taxation point of view. Springbank and Zeifmans can also help you to tailor the purchase to achieve all parties’ desired results, for example by building in an earn-out or compartmentalizing potential liabilities.

The Art and Science of Business Valuation

Whether buying or selling, you want the best price, and that is where Springbank and Zeifmans will help. We understand that placing a value on a business is a two-sided proposition. On one hand it’s a numbers game involving a calculation of redundant assets, income, understanding opportunities within the industry, and so on. On the other, it’s an instinct that can only come from decades of evaluating and ascribing business value. As a CA firm whose partners have bought, sold, and turned around businesses of their own, Springbank and Zeifmans shines at both.

Business Management Expertise

Springbank and Zeifmans’ partners have helped to execute dozens of corporate turnarounds. Managing and transforming businesses is one of our core strengths, and it has as much to do with consulting and hands-on management as accounting. If you are thinking of selling but haven’t yet made a decision, give us a call in complete confidence. We will be happy to help you decide what is best for you and for your business.

Select M&A, Corporate Finance and Management Services:

  • Negotiation of sale or purchase
  • Due diligence investigations on potential target companies
  • Development of business plans and prospectuses
  • Assistance in the development of management, financial and systems expertise
  • New operations strategy & planning (tax, administrative and logistical)
  • Selection of outside board members. Zeifmans partners provide the financial expertise that boards, both public and private, require
  • Selection of underwriters and assistance with negotiations in public offerings