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Not-for-Profit and Charity

Expand your reach and progress your Not-for-Profit or charity’s mission

Your work is guided by a greater purpose. You have a vision for a better future through your not-for-profit, and you’re committed to helping your community get there. But to successfully fulfil your mission and remain accountable to donors and other observers, you’ll need to maintain careful financial stewardship, accurate risk management, and scrupulous internal controls.

For decades, the Zeifmans team has worked closely with the boards and management of not-for-profits and charities to develop and maintain a best-practices approach to critical financial and operational functions.

In addition to the standard array of tax and accounting services, we help not-for-profits to:

Identify cost and workflow inefficiencies that allow you to maximize the funds you have.

Implement appropriate internal controls to remain compliant and maintain proper reporting to your stakeholders.

Manage capital and planned giving campaigns to ensure that your organization keeps growing.

Assess opportunities for funding so that you can keep expanding your reach.

We have decades of experience assisting Social Service and Charitable Agencies, Professional Associations, Foundations, Educational Institutions, and Religious Organizations in reaching their goals for growth and success. Our knowledgeable experts go beyond accounting, to offer leadership, guidance, and innovative solutions.

To speak to a member of our not-for-profit and charity team, contact our office today.