Leverage our Unique Connections with Israeli Companies

Zeifmans has a long history of doing business with Israeli companies. As an established mid-size accounting firm certified to audit publicly traded companies in Canada, we are well positioned to meet the distinct accounting and advisory needs of Israeli firms looking to list on a global exchange.

Our Israeli clients also appreciate the strong political and economic ties between our two countries, the stability of our economy, and the favourable regulations governing Canadian stock exchanges, which do not operate under Sarbanes-Oxley compliance obligations.

Our partners have organized and led Israeli missions, reflecting their personal, cultural and commercial interests. These partners enjoy strong multi-generational connections to the State of Israel, and have deep roots in the Toronto Jewish community. You can also count on fluent Hebrew capabilities within the firm.

Toronto is considered a “safe haven for business” for a number of reasons:

Healthy, stable economy and political environment.

Strategic proximity to major cities and a hub for international travel.

Among the world’s most vibrant Jewish communities outside Israel.

We enjoy a close professional relationship with Strauss Lazer & Company of Tel Aviv, a leading mid-sized accounting firm and fellow member of Nexia. If you are considering doing business in Canada, connect with us in complete confidence. With many of Zeifmans’ partners regularly visiting Israel, an in-person meeting can be scheduled with ease.

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