Gain access to the insight necessary to anticipate challenges and maximize profit

Experts believe that the resurgence in Canadian manufacturing will continue for the foreseeable future. Rising transportation costs, a weaker dollar and increases in foreign wages will contribute to an increase in business opportunity for Canadian manufacturers in the coming years.

However, proposed changes to the tax code could directly impact manufacturers. In light of this heightened uncertainty, manufacturers must rely on objective, proven guidance to anticipate challenges and maximize profit. Zeifmans has an extensive track record providing tax, audit and business consulting services tailored to a range of manufacturing industries, including chemical and process manufacturers, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, food and beverage manufacturers, and general manufacturing companies.

Our expert team helps manufacturers to achieve ongoing success by:

Producing accurate budgets and cash flow projections and developing corresponding financial strategies.

Conducting cost segregation studies that identify opportunities to shorten the cost-recovery period through accelerated depreciation.

Evaluating current inventory control methods, locating points of shrinkage and recommending appropriate solutions.

Analyzing and optimizing supply chain management to lower costs and increase reliability.

Advising on operations management by auditing your physical plant arrays and ERP.

Our industry experts work with you 1:1 to identify opportunities, including incentives like the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) program. Claims like this allow you to make innovative changes to your processes right on your shop floor, in a cost effective manner.

As a member of Nexia International, we have relationships with suppliers and customers throughout the world. Allow us to connect you to the next step in your business journey. Contact us today to learn more.


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