Given rising transportation costs, a weaker dollar and increases in foreign wages, most observers are expecting the recent resurgence in Canadian manufacturing to continue for the foreseeable future. This change in fortunes will test the ability of Canadian manufacturers to craft a compelling vision and execute against it. In this environment, manufacturers must rely on objective, proven guidance they can use to anticipate challenges and maximize profit. The need for insight is heightened by the uncertainty that comes from a range of proposed changes to the tax code that would directly affect manufacturers.

Zeifmans has an extensive track record providing tax, audit and business consulting services tailored to a range of manufacturing industries, including chemical and process manufacturers, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, food and beverage manufacturers, and general manufacturing companies.

Our services include:

  • Budgeting and cash flow projections: Drawing on our industry knowledge, we can create accurate budgets and cash flow models, and then help develop the corresponding financial strategies.
  • Cost segregation studies: We can identify opportunities to shorten the cost-recovery period through accelerated depreciation.
  • Inventory control: We help evaluate current inventory control methods, locate points of possible shrinkage and recommend appropriate solutions.
  • Supply chain management: We can analyze transportation and logistics costs, supplier contracts and other factors, and then help optimize the supply chain to lower costs while increasing reliability.
  • Operations management: We can advise you by auditing your physical plant arrays as well as accounting and ERP systems effectiveness.

Scientific Research & Experimental Development (“SR&ED”) program:
The SR&ED program offers some of the most generous incentives in the world.  SR&ED activities are not limited to those taking place in a traditional research lab. Most claims are for experimental development, which often takes place right on the shop floor. We can help you access them.