Real Estate

The real estate industry is forever changing

To succeed, you need a clear understanding of current performance, well-executed cash flow planning and risk management, and a proactive approach to changes in tax law.

Whether you are a new player in the real estate space, an established veteran of the industry or one looking to exit, Zeifmans is here for you.

Our real estate experts provide builders, contractors, developers, managers and passive investors throughout North America with financial management, compliance and tax planning solutions that add to their bottom line. We help our clients create efficient tax strategies so they can keep their energies focused on opportunities and growth.

We draw upon over 50 years of experience providing audit, accounting, tax, consulting and compliance services to real estate partnerships, joint ventures, and corporations.

We can help you with

Canadian Tax Consulting: including efficient tax structures and sophisticated tax minimization strategies that let you keep more of your hard earned money

Compliance: with all aspects of tax, audit and regulatory requirements so you can focus on what you do best – growing your business

Financing: including sourcing and negotiating the right financing for your projects – and advising on the optimal capital structure of your operations

HST: where you may find complex and unexpected traps that can cause costly errors

Succession Planning: including an exit strategy so you can retain your assets and a succession plan that preserves business continuity when you pass control to the next generation

Transactions and Valuations: if a merger, acquisition or exit is in your future including due diligence and tax minimization services

US Taxation: if you plan to invest abroad or manage a portfolio of US real estate

Accounting, Audits and Reviews of Real Estate Operations: for regulatory compliance, lender requirements, and effective risk management and decision-making

Why choose Zeifmans?

We have hundreds of clients in the real estate space, as well as the professionals that serve them including architects, engineers, designers and surveyors, operating in Canada, the U.S. and around the world.

We are a member of Nexia International – one of the top ten global assurance and advisory firms, consisting of more than 650 quality member firms operating in over 115 countries around the world – and can tap into this network to help you grow.

For more information about our real estate industry services, click here, or contact one of our real estate services professionals or your Zeifmans advisor.


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