Succession planning is the strategy for passing on leadership roles, and often the ownership of a company, to an employee or group of employees.

The Building Blocks of Succession Planning

Many entrepreneurs and business owners avoid succession planning because they think of it as something that will happen far off in the future, or as an indication of the end of their businesses – or even their lives. Succession planning is less about deciding what to do with the business once you are no longer at the helm, and more about ensuring the business continues to operate smoothly as you transition it to the next stage of its life.

While many entrepreneurs spend their lifetimes building their businesses, they take little to no time creating their succession plans. This can result in missing out on important tax advantages.

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Finding your Route Through Succession Planning

Have you been thinking about succession planning? Click below to watch a 40-minute on-demand webinar where we unravel the complexities of succession planning, tailored just for you and your business needs.

From navigating tricky family dynamics to tackling tax and inheritance hurdles, we’ve got expert insights from:

  • Larry Zeifman, Partner, Business Advisory
  • David Posner, Parter, Tax
  • Jennifer Chasson, Partner, Corporate Finance (Springbank Capital Corp.)

Key Highlights Include:

Financial and Tax Considerations for your Business.

Managing Family Dynamics Across the Organization.

What Does the Future of the Business Look Like?

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