Retail and consumer products companies must respond to empowered consumers, shifting markets and an ongoing need to control costs and maximize profitability.

Zeifmans’ Retail and Consumer Products Practice helps industry players from mid-market companies to multinational brand leaders get a clearer picture of their financial position, manage cash flow and identify growth opportunities. The issues we help clients address include:

  • Pricing strategies: We can develop models to give clarity to different pricing strategies that solidify presence and build long-term relationships with desired market segments.
  • Management and operations: We help the retail industry deal with a range of business challenges including employee benefit plan costs, technology implementation (ERP, WMS, CRM), inventory control and succession planning. We can also assist in your negotiations with landlords, franchisors and suppliers.
  • Gift card administration: For many retailers, unredeemed gift cards and certificates constitute a significant liability and a tax complexity.  We help retailers establish the appropriate legal and financial structures necessary for optimal gift card management.
  • Provincial and local taxes: Working with Zeifmans’ Income and Commodity Tax Practice professionals, we can help retailers who have operations and/or customers in multiple provinces develop a systematic strategy to deal with the wide range of tax regulations with which they must comply.