Find the perfect balance between pleasing your customers and your bottom line

As e-commerce continues to advance and traditional bricks-and-mortar operations evolve to meet demand, retail and consumer products companies need to seek innovative solutions to control costs and maximize profitability. The only way to remain ahead of the curve is to have a thorough understanding of your business today, with an unwavering eye on where you’ll need to be tomorrow.

At Zeifmans, we help industry players from mid-market companies to multinational brand leaders gain a clearer picture of their financial position, manage their cash flow and identify growth opportunities.

Our retail and consumer products experts can help your business by:

Developing pricing strategies that solidify presence and build long-term relationships with desired market segments.

Supporting your management and operations including employee benefit plan costs, technology implementation (ERP, WMS, CRM), inventory control, and succession planning.

Assisting in negotiations with landlords, franchisors and suppliers.

Establishing optimal gift card administration that alleviates the liability and tax complexity associated with unredeemed cards and certificates.

Recommending a systematic tax strategy that addresses the wide range of tax regulations across the regions in which you operate.

As a member of Nexia International, our partners have contacts across the world in the manufacturing, distribution, and retail industries. Regardless of how large you’d like to scale your business, we have actionable, results-oriented solutions that can get you there.

Contact us today to start the discussion about how Zeifmans can help your business reach your specific goals.

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