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Corporate Recovery and Insolvency

Sound crisis corporate recovery and insolvency resolution advice from an expert team

Zeifmans’ corporate recovery and insolvency practice group develops solutions for companies facing financial difficulties. While our primary focus has been in the middle market, our varied experience has included public companies and larger private concerns. Our experienced partners are adept at helping businesses resolve crises with sound, creative solutions that meet the needs of all stakeholders.

We have extensive experience working with distressed businesses in diverse industries. By leveraging our international network, we can also offer multi-jurisdictional assignment solutions.

Our expert team can assist you in:

Establishing informal debt restructuring arrangements that ease your current responsibilities.

Conducting formal appointments under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act including receivership, licensed insolvency trustee and proposals.

Consulting to creditors, including viability reviews and other appointments focused on creditor risk.

Monitoring proposals made by insolvent debtors to creditors, including serving as Interim Receivers or Monitors under the Companies Creditors Arrangement Act.

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