Going Public

Investment Support

Opening up to investment is a watershed event in the life of a company. Going public can lead to tremendous growth and prosperity, but it is not the only way to monetize, nor is it an automatic panacea. Success has a lot to do with the choices you make along the way.

You Face a Number of Key Decisions in Structuring Your Offering:

  • Public or Private
    While going public is typically the goal, private equity or angel investment could be preferable, depending on the likelihood of your public appeal.
  • Method
    If you decide to go public, is it best to launch a traditional IPO, execute a reverse takeover, or go the Capital Pool Company route? Your industry and size may dictate that choice, but there are always options.
  • Where to List
    Is the TSX your default exchange? Your location, industry, where you conduct most business, regulatory hurdles and other factors should influence your choice. Zeifmans’ international clients, for example, often find it advantageous to list on the TSX rather than on a U.S. exchange.

A Trusted Advisor

In guiding clients through the investment process, we explain the numbers side of the equation—the accounting and tax implications of going public are unique—and what it will take to perform an audit and transition your company from ASPE to IFRS standards. But Zeifmans goes far beyond simple accounting. We help to connect.

Your choice of investment dealer, for example, is absolutely crucial. In making the choice, take into account the nature of the deals a potential advisor has negotiated, how they work with their clients, their track record, fees and reputation in the investment community. We also regularly help in making board selections, developing standards for board development and review, setting mandates, and designing executive, managerial and staffing requirements.

If you are preparing for an IPO or simply weighing your options, feel free to contact us in complete confidence. We will be happy to help you determine the best course of action.