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Re-envisioning your business’s future will take new skills and require you to embrace new ways of doing business. It’s a difficult tight rope to walk, balancing the need to return to normal with introducing innovations that Will sustain future growth and efficiency. Here’s what business basics look like in the age of restoration and recovery.


Zeifmans is a full-service tax, accounting and business consulting firm based in Toronto, Canada, and is ranked as one of Canada’s top 20 firms by revenue. Beyond the traditional offering, our services include business advisory, valuation, corporate finance, transaction services, corporate turnaround and insolvency, and estate and succession planning, supporting our 11,000+ clients through every step of the business life cycle.

Blog Posts

That’s a big move: Relocating your healthcare practice to another province

Unfortunately, moving your medical practice requires as much hoop-jumping as setting it up. When relocating, you have several options to choose from, each with different processes and considerations. Let’s dive right in: Option 1: Maintain both corporations Run two practices After moving and incorporating a new medical professional corporation, you can retain your existing corporation ...

The IRS Provides Guidance for Setting Interest Rules on Intercompany Loans

A recent ruling by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) holds the potential for substantial repercussions for Canadian corporations possessing U.S. subsidiaries. In this blog, our Zeifmans U.S. tax partner, Stanley Abraham breaks down the December 13, 2023 IRS opinion related to a specific taxpayer issue under examination and how it is related to intercompany loan ...

Navigating Canada’s Latest Trust Reporting Legislation Changes

The government’s new federal trust reporting rules will increase disclosure requirements, affecting a wide range of Canadian trusts. Originally, the federal government introduced significant changes to trust legislation in 2018 to encourage reporting transparency. These rules were amended on Dec. 15, 2022, to help the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) better assess tax liabilities for both ...

How to Avoid and Address Common Pitfalls in the Retail Industry

Retail is akin to war games practiced in the military with traps designed to test your skills and produce failure for the unwary. The challenge is to see them coming and find the safe harbors. Our latest blog delves into insights from our turnaround professional and partner, Allan Rutman at Zeifmans who helps us understand ...


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