Zeifmans is a full-service tax, accounting and consulting firm based in Toronto, Canada, ranked as one of Canada’s top 20 firms by revenue. Beyond the traditional offering, our services include business advisory, valuation, corporate finance, transaction services, corporate turnaround and insolvency, and estate and succession planning, supporting our 9,000+ clients through every step of the business life cycle.


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4 reasons why your family business needs a succession plan advisor

58% of business owners do not have a succession plan[1]. Can you guess what the single biggest reason is for setting aside that task? 78% of respondents say that they’ve neglected developing a formal succession plan because they enjoy their work too much to think about retiring! It’s a heartening statistic, and a testament to…

Strategies for managing US interest expenses disallowance rules in real estate partnerships and LLC’s

As part of the US’s 2017 Tax Reform Package, Rules were passed to preclude certain US partnerships from deducting all or a portion of their US interest expenses.  Below we will outline a brief summary of these rules and will walk through a few strategies to avoid or mitigate the impact of these rules. The…

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