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Audit and Accounting

Compliance, Audit, Accounting and Assurance


Personal Tax, Corporate Tax, Tax Credits and Incentives (SR&ED), GST/HST, Cross-Border and International Tax / US Tax

Business Strategy & Operations

International Business, Recovery and Turnaround, Insolvency, Succession Planning, Cross Border, Owner Managed Business

Financial Consulting Services

Corporate Finance, Family Business, Going Public, Estate and Trusts, Wealth Management

Family Business Services

Operating a family-owned enterprise presents a distinct array of advantages and hurdles, ranging from succession and estate planning to the intricacies of managing relationships with family members and stakeholders. Frequently, there exists a convoluted array of concerns and sensitivities that must be delicately navigated to safeguard the welfare of both the business and the family.


Feb. 2024

Selling our property was a pivotal moment in our lives, laden with emotional and financial weight. Through careful planning and expert guidance, we navigated the complexities of capital gain exemptions, transforming what could have been a hefty tax burden into a cornerstone for our retirement. This wasn't merely a transaction; it was a passage, ensuring our legacy and the land's value propelled us towards a serene retirement.

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