Tax, Accounting, Audit and Advisory Services

Finding effective strategies to support your financial growth from taxation support and accounting services to M&A guidance and wealth management strategies, our team at Zeifmans has the experience and varied skill sets to guide your business through every stage of its lifecycle.

Our Services

Audit and Accounting

Zeifmans’ auditing and accounting practice is dedicated to helping organizations navigate complex business risks. Whether providing assurance, tax planning, or facilitating a public offering, Zeifmans prioritizes aligning its services with clients’ business goals.

Corporate Finance Services

Do you have questions about business valuation, purchasing or selling a business? The primary objective of a business brokerage is to execute a transaction. Zeifmans’ Corporate Finance team helps you make the right decisions.

Corporate Recovery and Insolvency

Zeifmans’ corporate recovery and insolvency practice group develops solutions for companies facing financial difficulties. Looking to restructure debt, conduct formal appointments, or monitor proposals?

Corporate Turnaround Management

Learn how Zeifmans can turnaround and assist underperforming middle-market businesses to return to profitability through internal restructuring. Let’s get your business back on the right path.

Estates and Trusts

Proper estate and trust planning is the key to a seamless transfer of wealth from one generation to the next. How can you ensure that your family continues to benefit from your dedication?

Family Business Office

Operating a family-owned enterprise presents a distinct array of advantages and hurdles, ranging from succession and estate planning to the intricacies of managing relationships with family members and stakeholders. Frequently, there exists a convoluted array of concerns and sensitivities that must be delicately navigated to safeguard the welfare of both the business and the family.

Going Public (IPO)

Interested in learning more about the numbers side of the equation and taking your business public? Let’s chat about structuring your offering, choosing your investment dealer and setting you up for success when you go public.

High Net-Worth Individuals

Your wealth is the direct result of a lifetime of hard work and commitment – which is why Zeifmans works with high net–worth earners to keep your finances safe. We help investors, owner-operators, and entrepreneurs protect their assets, develop custom tax and estate planning solutions, and more.

International Business

The Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) is now, more than ever, a public market destination for international business. Zeifmans’ international business advisors provide access and understanding into capital markets and compliance requirements.

Owner Managed Businesses

As businesses evolve, addressing fundamental questions becomes paramount. Learn more about how Entrepreneurship team can help with business planning, personal planning and the strategic outlook for your businesses.

Personal Insolvency and Proposals

The twists and turns of our professional and financial advancement are often unforeseeable. Learn how our team can help empower you with knowledge and navigate your bankruptcy, insolvency, or proposal proceedings.

Succession Planning

By crafting a succession plan, you not only prepare for the future but also capitalize on tax benefits. Learn why it’s crucial to ensure you have a smooth transition when you’re ready.

Tax Planning

Tax planning comes together in one seamless event. Your dedicated team at Zeifmans can help you with Corporate Tax, International Tax, HST/GST, Personal Tax, and more.

Wealth Management

Protect your legacy and build generational wealth with Zeifmans wealth management group. Allow Zeifmans to craft investment strategies that encompass significant returns on a risk-adjusted basis. In every case, this involves minimizing taxes and assisting in selecting the best manager to implement your strategies.