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Finding effective strategies to support your financial growth

From taxation support and accounting services to M&A guidance and wealth management strategies, our team at Zeifmans has the experience and varied skill sets to guide your business through every stage of its lifecycle.


Our full list of services include:

Auditing and Accounting

Growth strategies from knowledgeable experts Zeifmans’ auditing and accounting practice helps organizations navigate the complex risks inherent in business today, ...

Estates and Trusts

Estates and Trusts: Optimizing wealth for the generations yet to come Proper estates and trusts planning is the key to ...

  • Estate Trustee During Litigation (ETDL)

    Estates and Trusts

    Estate Trustee During Litigation (ETDL)

    Estate Trustee During Litigation: Advocating for the implementation of your long-term goals Where estate litigation is ongoing and likely to ...

Going Public

Helping you navigate your IPO and beyond Opening up to investment is a watershed event in the life of a ...


Every taxation situation is unique Your taxation situation is a unique financial puzzle comprised of many interrelated personal and business-related ...

  • Corporate Tax


    Corporate Tax

    Gain an edge through extraordinary corporate tax planning expertise Corporate tax planning objectives never change, but because the regulatory environment ...

  • Cross-Border and International Tax


    Cross-Border and International Tax

    Cross-Border and International Tax: Subject matter expertise combined with a global business network Zeifmans has the expertise and relationships to ...




    Creative, compliant strategies for commodity HST/GST taxation Maximizing sales tax recoveries demands in-depth knowledge of current HST/GST and provincial sales ...

  • Personal Tax


    Personal Tax

    Trust an expert team to deliver successful personal tax strategies Some of Canada’s most successful entrepreneurs and high net worth ...

Wealth Management

Preserving wealth through sustainable solutions Wealth management, wealth creation and money management strategies built at Zeifmans are rooted in our ...