International Business

Toronto’s TSX: Gateway to North America

The Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) is now, more than ever, a public market destination for international companies. Toronto is the financial epicenter of Canada, strategically located in the bustling Northeast. Together with the TSX Venture Exchange, the TSX was third in the world for equity capital raised as of late 2012, and is the seventh largest exchange group by market capitalization.

A Gateway to North American Capital

In context of the legislative demands governing U.S. exchanges and the financial uncertainty of the American economy, Canada is an attractive option. With a wide investor base and strong liquidity, the TSX provides companies seeking funds for growth access to North American capital markets: fully nine percent of companies listed on the TSX are International Issuers.

Orchestrating Your IPO

Zeifmans helps international companies prepare for listing on the TSX and for Canadian IPOs. We are a leading medium-sized accounting firm with extensive experience in launching IPOs and servicing public company needs. With strong connections to the best corporate and securities law practices in Canada, we help to connect overseas companies to the resources they require.

As a member of the Canadian Public Accountability Board (CPAB), Zeifmans is certified to audit publicly traded companies in Canada. You will find our audit services exceptional, more efficient and more cost effective than those of multinational accounting firms.

Zeifmans also helps our Canadian and American clients to do business abroad, thanks to our membership in Nexia International— a top-ten global accounting organization– resulting in strong affiliations in the U.S., Europe, Asia, Israel, and around the world.