Make running your veterinary practice a walk in the park 

The market is booming for veterinary practices, but with these benefits come challenges. Revenue growth is being driven by existing customers buying more higher-value products and services per visit, like expensive food and treats, and more complex surgical procedures. Owners are doing all they can to give their pets the best quality care possible. But behind the scenes, veterinarians and technicians are burning out at record numbers, with employee turnover double the rate compared to medical practices.  

To help combat burnout, the American Veterinary Medical Association is recommending that practices leverage technology to automate and streamline business processes, including accounting and financial standardization. The experienced team at Zeifmans offers more than just financial advising. Our team provides holistic business advice designed to promote  innovation and successfully improve workflow. We aim to help your  veterinary practice increase its efficiency while engaging employees, easing stress and ensuring care continuity for your patients.  

 Our services can support you with:  

Controlling the effects of rising costs on your practice by producing detailed cash flow projections that monitor cash flow, overhead costs and chargeable hours.  

Modernizing your financial processes, beginning with a foundational audit and progressing to forward-looking planning supported by consulting and enterprise risk assessment. 

 Evaluating growth opportunities so that your practice has the resources to care for both new and existing patients. 

 Establishing the ideal corporate structure for long-term growth and flexibility, whether that’s a proprietorship, partnership, or professional corporation. 

 Assessing equipment leasing and purchasing options to provide cutting-edge veterinary services while controlling capital costs. 

Zeifmans has more than six decades of experience providing veterinarians with financial advice. Our industry experts can assist you in reaching your short and long-term goals while taking the guesswork out of tax compliance. 

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