Important Medical Practice Accounting Milestones

Navigating the ins and outs of a medical practice can be complicated and overwhelming. The first step to any healthcare business is finding a trusted financial and legal team that can help you establish and run your practice.

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll need to know from start to finish – literally. From financial preparations in post-grad to founding your first practice, expanding your business, and preparing for retirement, our healthcare guide takes you through the major considerations involved in the lifecycle of a medical business.

Important Medical Practice Accounting Millstones

Our guide will tackle:

  • How to organize personal finances while in post-grad
  • How to properly structure your company
  • The pros and cons of starting vs. acquiring a practice
  • Tax considerations you need to know (especially if planning to incorporate)
  • Succession planning

For more information on running a practice, reach out to our experienced financial team.

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Q&A with Partner, Jennifer Chasson

Q&A with Partner, Jennifer Chasson

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