There’s no generic formula to buy or sell a pharmacy

There’s no denying that the Canadian retail pharmacy market is impressive. According to IBIS World, the nearly 14,000 Canadian pharmacies and drug stores have a combined market size of $47 billion. Profits have remained stable over the last few years and are even expected to grow as pharmacists and pharmacies diversify products and services, despite governments trying to rein-in healthcare spending.

As the most accessed healthcare professional, pharmacies are a valuable commodity. And we know their worth.  

Zeifmans works with more than 500 independent pharmacies, providing both corporate finance and merger and acquisition services. We structure every deal on individual details and understand that every purchase and sale is distinct. 

Our team can provide support in: 

 Succession planning that ensures your years of hard work are rewarded and your legacy lives on.  

 Complete merger and acquisition solutions, which includes assessing the pharmacy’s location and past performance and providing advice on ownership structure and tax management.  

 Cash projections that consider all revenue and expenses so you can harness increasing revenue and achieve rising profits.  

 Corporate finance to help guide your business through the next decade of success.  

The team at Zeifmans has more than 60 years of experience assisting pharmacists and other pharmaceutical professionals in all aspects of their business, and throughout all phases of the business life cycle. Whether you’ve just recently graduated, or are interested in selling an existing practice, we have the expertise to assist.  

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