Cross-Border and International Tax

Subject matter expertise combined with a global business network

Zeifmans has the expertise and relationships to resolve cross-jurisdictional issues in a timely manner. We solve cross-border and international tax issues almost every day. Thanks to our wealth of experience, as well as close working relationships fostered in the U.S. and within our international network, Zeifmans help to keep it simple and get it right the first time.

As conducting business across borders becomes commonplace, smaller companies are getting into the game. But many don’t have the time or the people to puzzle through the details of international business on their own. Non-compliance, however, is more and more likely to have a direct negative impact on business at home.

The Zeifmans team can help you:

Sell goods and services to the US and manage the complex IRS paperwork associated with the transactions.

Conduct the required filings for both business and personal dealings south of the border.

Implement a cross-border tax strategy that maximizes savings while remaining compliant.

To learn more about how we help to enable increased cross-border business, give us a call.

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