Pycap and Zeifmans partner up to support international start-ups entering Canada

Zeifmans is excited to announce its newest partnership with Pycap, an innovative Venture Capital Firm and Canada’s Leading Startup Visa (SUV) incubator.

The firm, which is registered with the Federal Government as a Designated Organization, helps promising international start-ups succeed in Canada with its game-changing Startup Visa Program.

As a top 10-rated Greater Toronto accounting firm, Zeifmans is proud to be part of this initiative. Its experienced team works with start-ups in a wide-range of industries and growth stages, and is eager to offer accounting advice, tax support and general advisory services to international entrepreneurs.

A natural partnership – How Zeifmans works with Pycap

Like Pycap, Zeifmans is committed to guiding international entrepreneurs through the immigration journey while providing newcomers with the tools and resources they need for long-term growth. Zeifmans’ advisors provide financial planning guidance as companies begin the complicated process of relocating their start-ups to Canada.

How Pycap’s incubator network can benefit from this partnership

Zeifmans’ team has a plethora of experience advising a wide-variety of international start-ups as they enter the Canadian market and expand into new territory. Through the company’s International Business services, Zeifman advisors help private and public companies prepare for the North American market.

Compliance and business structure

Zeifmans’ team guides international entrepreneurs as they choose the business structure that works best for their company and go through the incorporation and business registration process. The firm’s advisors have up-to-date knowledge on all legal compliance and licensing regulations, which can change province to province.

Tax obligations and CRA registration

Zeifmans also ensures international start-ups are aware of all Canadian tax obligations, including registering for GST/HST and keeping current with tax reporting, remittance and filing requirements. The firm’s advisors offer newcomers valuable advice on how to start a business account with the CRA, including how to obtain a business number and what to know through the business registration process.

A helping hand when it’s needed most

International entrepreneurs immigrating to Canada play a vital role in the Canadian market. Zeifmans is proud to partner with Pycap to support and empower international start-ups and their long-term growth.

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