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For dentists, the goal of a successful practice is achieved maintaining a constant stream of new patients while keeping up a full schedule and meeting production goals.  

While this isn’t an impossible goal, it’s easy to get focused on top-line revenues and miss some of the hard-to-see costs that take away from your hard-earned profits.  

Zeifmans can help you avoid these pitfalls through our personalized services for dentists. Our team  will review your statements and guide you through any financial decisions. With our experience and knowledge of the sector, Zeifmans will ensure your dental practice takes the right steps towards financial success. 

 Zeifmans’ services can help your dental practice with: 

 All facets of corporate finance and tax preparation, to help achieve your long-term goals. 

 Evaluating and uncovering growth opportunities, including hiring additional staff, achieving the most profitable balance between general dentistry and hygiene, and investing in specialty services.  

Effective overhead control and accurate cash flow projections. We’ll bring an experienced eye to your entire financial picture – from revenue to collections to margins.  

Assessing equipment leasing and purchasing options so that your facility can remain state of the art, getting important equipment upgrades like next-gen IT systems or implementing CAD/CAM dentistry.  

 Succession planning so your practice is performing at its highest level and is an attractive option to buyers.  

 The Zeifmans team are subject matter experts who assist dentists and other dental professionals in maximizing growth and longevity.  Whether you’re growing your practice or preparing for a potential sale, you’re backed by a team with decades of healthcare experience, ready to guide you through every stage of the business life cycle.  

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