Canada is setting the global standard for Cannabis business ventures 

While the industry is rapidly expanding across the globe, Canada took the revolutionary step to become the first industrialized nation to legalize recreational cannabisAs a result Canada has emerged as the epicentre of global cannabis financeThe world is looking to Canada as we craft a model for industry business growth that is profitable, sustainable, and responsible. 
As founding members of the Nexia International Cannabis Team, the partners at Zeifmans utilize unique subject matter expertise gleaned from years of work with cannabis companies to provide unparalleled business support. We go beyond accounting to offer guidance and leadership within a 1:1 relationship. We work with you to understand your unique goals and synthesize an actionable road map that will help your company succeed at every phase of your business cycle.  
Zeifmans supports your company by: 
Establishing financial systems that encourage growth, including tax planning, accounting systems and industry valuation under the IFRS. 
Achieving sustainable compliance by preparing financial statements, reviewing financial models, and advising on the establishment of holding companies and family trusts. 
Planning for future growth by performing cost-effective audits of financial statements, and advising on financings through IPO’smergers, and acquisitions. 
Anticipating and identifying new opportunities as the industry changes and evolves. 
Our unique knowledge of the Canadian market is further complemented by our close relationships with experts in Israel – widely known as the birthplace of the medical cannabis sector. Zeifmans is a participant in the Canadian Public Accountability Board (CPAB), and a key founding member of the Nexia International Cannabis Team.  
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