Zeifmans’ Quarterly 3 – Real Estate Development Trends

The real estate and land development space is quickly changing, as a result, new approaches to development are emerging. Taking a page from the residential project, Reina[1], the first all- female real estate development group in Canada, our real estate team decided to examine real estate development trends through new a lens, as we celebrate equality in the workplace and 2020’s International Women’s Day.

In this edition of Zeifmans’ Quarterly 3 – Real Estate Development Trends, we sat down with Mehreen Javaid, CEO of Red Leaf Group Inc., Zeifmans Senior Manager Cathy Settino and Accountant Rosa DeFrancesco, to discuss their insights on the latest market trends for real estate builders and developers.

Here are the key topics Mehreen, Cathy and Rosa explored:

  • Top tips on how to stand out of the crowd when sourcing financing
  • Embracing the new builder trend “hipsturbia”[2] and new urbanism
  • How demographics will affect builder and developer trends as we move into a new decade

For more information on current real estate trends and insights developers should consider in today’s real estate market, or to learn more about our Zeifmans’ Real Estate services,  contact one of our experts today.

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About Red Leaf:

Red Leaf Group Inc. is a boutique Canadian firm specializing in alternate financing solutions for the Ontario real estate market. We specialize in structuring and providing creative and flexible solutions with institutional and non-institutional lenders for land, construction and takeout financing. Through our network of investors and lenders, we are able to secure capital for purchase, refinance, and development of real estate projects.

[1]Taylor Simmons,  Meet the ‘queens’ behind Toronto’s first all-female real estate development team (https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/reina-all-female-development-toronto-1.5153507)

[2]‘Stephanie Vozza ,Hipsturbia’: It’s What All The Cool Suburbs Are Doing And It’s A 2020 Trend, https://www.forbes.com/sites/stephanievozza/2019/09/24/hipsturbia-its-what-all-the-cool-suburbs-are-doing-and-its-a-2020-trend/#225e68b15870


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