Zeifmans Technology & StartUps team examines mobile workforces

In 1994, 32,000 AT&T employees began working from home and kicked off one of the first and largest telecommuting experiments. Fast forward 25 years later, mobile workforces have become widely accepted by employers, specifically by startups, due to emerging available technologies that have made working remotely more accessible, feasible and beneficial for staff. In fact, the global mobile workforce is expected to reach 1.87 billion workers by 2022[1].

What is a mobile workforce?
A mobile workforce is a group of employees that are not bound by a central physical location. Instead, the employees are connected by various types of technology (computers, smartphones and other mobile devices) and have remote access to the same software applications and data as they would at a company headquarters.

Today, Zeifmans Technology & StartUps team examine the importance of having a mobile workforce, as well as, strategies and concerns business owners need to be aware of when creating and deploying a mobile team.

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