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Outside-the-Box financial solutions for food alternative business

As health-conscious consumers demand more options, alternative plant protein companies are rising to the meet the need. Healthy, compassionate, and sustainable, the agritech, pulse, and plant protein industry is multifaceted, and among the fastest growing emerging markets. The global pulse ingredient market alone is expected to reach $21.6 Bn USD by 2023, providing ample reason for companies to build out their financial infrastructure for enhanced growth.

At Zeifmans, our team of emerging markets specialists is uniquely positioned to assist agritech and plant protein clients as they reach toward their IPO and beyond. Through every phase of the business life cycle, the Zeifmans team is backed by decades of experience helping clients in emerging markets craft results-oriented financial strategies.

The team at Zeifmans can help plant protein companies:

Creating growth infrastructure by advising on financings through IPO’s, mergers, and acquisitions, and performing cost-effective audits of financial statements.

Achieve compliance with regulations through preparing financial statements and reporting protocol.

Establish a corporate structure that is sustainable and growth-oriented.

Develop future vision and identify upcoming market opportunities.

As consumers become increasingly health-conscious and the wellness industry as a whole expands, emphasis on the need for alternative protein options will continue to grow. The team at Zeifmans is here to support agritech, pulse, and plant protein companies in Canada and throughout the world. Our team of Nexia International affiliates extends across more than 120 countries, ready and willing to help your business expand into brand new markets.

Contact the Zeifmans team today, and start a conversation about your company’s next phase of growth.