Cross-border success for non-resident business owners

Have you been tuning in to the Zeifmans’ Non-Resident Digital Event Series? So far, we’ve discussed the niche challenges experienced by high net worth individuals, as well as tips and tricks for tech and startups seeking entry into the Canadian market. Today, we’re excited to share the latest installment in the series: Cross-border concerns.

The American market presents endless opportunity for Canadian business owners, but what effects will the new administration have on investments, taxation, and market expansion? American business owners seeking entry into the Canadian market also need to be aware of a variety of tax challenges, particularly as it pertains to wealth planning.

This latest installment in the series features interviews with:

Sohail Zayona, Partner and COO of Owemanco:


Phil Rosenzweig, CFO of Browze:


Max Reed, Principal, Polaris Tax Counsel:


These informative interviews cover a wide range of topics, including:

Selling to the US market
How can Canadian businesses expand into the American market, stand out from competitors, handle shipping and distribution challenges, and remain compliant with taxation?

American expats in Canada
What do US expats need to be mindful of as the country shifts to a Biden administration? Is it wise to renounce citizenship, and how has this process changed? What about tax compliance and TFSA accounts?

Loans and investments for non-residents
What loans, programs, and mortgages are available for non-residents in Canada? How do tax treaties impact investments? What are the main compliance issues non-residents should be aware of?

Watch the full webinar
In addition to the action-packed interviews, Zeifmans also conducted a full webinar on the cross-border implications for non-residents. The webinar covers insight on topical US tax issues, including the digital economy, investing real estate, and Biden’s potential tax plan.

Watch the full webinar here:


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