Canadian real estate for non-residents: Part 4 of Zeifmans digital event series

Over the last few months, Zeifmans had the opportunity to produce a 4-part digital series on non-resident business in Canada. We’ve been so pleased with the wealth of knowledge we’ve been able to share, straight from the desks of so many subject matter experts spanning the industry spectrum. The series has taken a look at cross-border issues, high net worth individuals, and tech and startups.

In the final installment of the series, we were proud to partner with our UK Nexia affiliate Saffery Champness, to speak with real estate experts regarding the unique challenges faced by non-resident investors moving into 2021. 2020 was an eventful year for real estate, with both commercial and residential developments coming up against a variety of complications. In our interviews, we spoke with 3 very knowledgeable professionals:

Jeremiah Shamess, Vice President, Private Capital Investment Group, Colliers International

Daniel Marinovic, Chief Development Officer, Dream


Ian Hunt, Senior Vice President, Real Estate Brokerage Advisory and Transaction Services | The Land Specialists, CBRE Limited


The interviews covered a wide range of topics, including:

COVID-19 and the real estate market
How will COVID-19 affect international markets in 2021? How has COVID affected the business dealings of each expert?

Land development
What should non-residents consider before buying land in Canada? How did the land development sector perform in 2020, and how has Canada differed from other international markets?

Commercial real estate
What hurdles do non-residents need to cross in order to enter the Canadian commercial real estate market? What challenges do non-residents face in gaining access to financing in Canada?

Watch the final webinar in full
In addition to the individual expert interviews, we also produced an in-depth webinar, that can be accessed by clicking the below link:


For more information on the real estate support and guidance available through the Zeifmans and Saffery Champness teams, reach out to us today to start the conversation.

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