Commodity Taxation

Maximizing sales tax recoveries demands in-depth knowledge of current HST, GST and provincial sales tax regulations. It also requires a strategy built on decades of creative planning experience.

Zeifmans’ sales tax services form part of an integrated offering that includes business and personal tax planning. Our clients include both private and public companies from a wide range of industries. We help them to plan, register and comply with sales tax regulations across Canada.

Creative Strategies

With experience and a little creativity, it’s always possible to minimize sales taxes. For every tax situation imaginable, there are options. It’s just a matter of discovering them. With the right skills and experience, we have the ability to develop creative, low-risk means of maximizing sales tax efficiencies.

Zeifmans sales tax services include:

  • Compliance reviews
  • Tax authority negotiation
  • Audit preparation & defense
  • Advisory services
  • Recovery reviews
  • Planning strategies
  • Dispute Resolution

Resolving disputes with the Canada Revenue Agency and other taxation authorities is often an involved process. Over the decades, Zeifmans has experienced great success in resolving CRA issues. Thanks to our strong track record, a good number of clients have come to us seeking advice after an audit, as a result of having tax credits denied for years, or because their existing advisors were unable to present the facts in a manner agreeable to the CRA. In all but a few cases, we were able to deliver a successful and timely outcome.