Meyer Zeifman

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Charles Meyer Zeifman (Meyer) had a vision – to create a workplace committed to quality, service and client relationships. Meyer’s journey to achieve his vision was not easy, however.

Meyer originally aspired to be an architect. Unfortunately, his aspirations took a turn sideways when he was unable to complete the final examinations that were only offered on Saturdays at the time. As a practicing and devout Jewish man, this was not an option. It was then that Meyer realized there was a need to find a way to balance work and the aspects of life that were important to him personally, including his faith. As a result, he committed himself to create a workplace that accommodated both work and personal observances – even in the most challenging situations.

In 1959, Meyer established Zeifmans LLP Chartered Accountants as a product of his vision. Over the years, Zeifmans has grown to become one of the top 20 accounting and consulting firms in Canada and is still committed to the core values of quality, service and client relationships that Meyer envisioned nearly 60 years ago. Adherence to these values opened doors for Meyer and Zeifmans – culminating in a partnership of 17 Partners and Principals and over 100 staff of all beliefs and backgrounds today.

Meyer modelled self-respect through principled hard work and responsibility, but as a survivor of cancer almost a decade ago, he also understood the importance of enjoying life. He enjoyed taking vacations and trips to the cottage, attending the opera, and simply spending time with his family – especially during the holidays. Meyer, with his late beloved wife Sylvia, built a family legacy which accounts for an immediate family of almost 90 people including 19 grandchildren, 14 in-law grandchildren, and 44 great-grandchildren – all living in Toronto and Israel today.

Meyer was committed to giving back to his community. What started out with financial contributions, led to more involvement and dedicated time in supporting the growth and development of the organizations and communities he cherished most, including Eitz Chaim Schools, The Meyer Zeifman Cornea and Stem Cell Research Project at Tel Aviv University, National Conference of Synagogue Youth, Chasdei Sara, and donations to a number of playgrounds in small communities throughout Yehuda and Shomron in Israel, dedicated in memory of Sylvia.

Although Meyer has passed on, his legacy remains within his family, the communities he’s contributed to building, and Zeifmans – a workplace for many that balances quality and service with family values.