Getting a pulse on your practice’s financial health 

 As healthcare continues the long journey towards fully adopting value-based care and telemedicine, physicians have struggled to make their practices more accessible, affordable and flexible. On top of increasing costs, this sector has had to change tactics to keep up with new information systems, staff expansions and changing workflows.  

 Zeifmans helps medical practices establish financial stability so they have the freedom to deliver care and seize emerging opportunities in innovative ways. We deliver winning financial strategies for medical practices that help foster best practices and higher revenues. Whether you are starting, buying into, expanding or relocating your practice, Zeifmans understands your unique financial needs.  

 If you’re a resident or practicing physician, Zeifmans can help you by:  

 Providing all necessary auditing, assurance and tax services required to start, manage or grow your medical practice.  

 Benchmarking and tracking key performance indicators like physician productivity, accounts receivable and expense management to get a pulse on the business and identify opportunities for improvement.  

 Assessing equipment leasing and purchasing options so your practice can offer cutting-edge health services and new modes of care delivery while controlling capital costs. 

 Achieving financial stability through practice plan development, proper business structuring and enterprise risk assessment.  

The team at Zeifmans has spent over six decades supporting physicians through all stages of the business life cycle. Whether you’re approaching retirement, beginning your practice, or nearing the end of your residency, our team can help.  

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